About DixieKins

I started over 30 years ago making kids clothes, as my youngest children grew so did  Dixiekins. I don’t do children’s clothes any more but my daughter suggested baby blankets,which turned into Quillows. Then a friend asked me if I could make a Memory Bear and some pillows to help keep their memories of their husband/ father/ grandfather close. Then came Gnomes, not the ceramic kind you stick in your garden, but soft and decorative gnomes you can have around your house. 

Dixiekins is growing I now do blankets, quillows, pet towels, Memory animals and pillows. My newest adventure are specialty animals.  I have one of a kind designer fabric animals, patriotic animals and some that are great for children. All the animals have safety eyes and if used, safety joints.


Want something special? Contact Me and I will do my best to find and make what you want.